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An Innovative
Blockchain Solutions Platform

• full-stack blockchain architecture 
• modular application components
• turnkey blockchain solutions for businesses across industries


CybChain's main offerings include:
* generate blockchain-based Apps (iOS, Android and Web) with rich-media Story feature, encrypted and location-aware Private Messaging
* create built-in crypto wallet for new user registration
* provide a comprehensive web-based console of blockchain activities
and status.

Apps on Mobile

• Support live-streaming and other rich media content
• Integrate location-aware services
• Support multiple payment mechanisms

Blockchain by Contract

• Built-in crypto wallets (in-App wallet supports import and export)
• Customizable smart contracts with business logic tailor-made for each application 

Crypto Assets

• Crypto Tokens based on ERC20 or EOS Fungible Token standard
• Crypto Collectibles based on ERC721 or EOS Non-Fungible Token standard

Domain Targeting

• Blockchain 3.0 technologies
• Efficient DPoS consensus algorithm
• Zero user transaction fee on the DPoS blockchain network

Account Management 

•Account creation with crypto wallet auto-generation
•Account import from device keychain/keystore
•Single device login
•Account backup via QR code image

Baseline Platform


CybChain is a blockchain-based social messaging platform that supports secure private messaging by text, photo, offers text-to-speech playback on latest blockchain news stories, and assigns an EOS wallet to new users upon registration.  

Customized Enterprise Platforms

Learn about our 3rd Party use cases across industries from social media to entertainment


TrendScape is an innovative blockchain-based social blogging platform. Users are able to view latest news stories, post text/photo/video stories on timeline, follow other, as well as message mutually following users. Each posting on TrendScape generates a token on chain and all transactions are transparent and irreversible

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LiveGram is a blockchain-based social media App platform which utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as real-time location-tracking and live-streaming to allow users to post and share short videos. Users can create and share location-based videos that captures the valuable moments of their lives.

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AdRolling is an innovative EOS blockchain-based ad social network platform. Advertisers can submit ad units with user reward policy based on region (location). Users can earn tokens as rewards for viewing ads and region owners receive a share of the reward for each user engagement.

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CryptoHoroscope is an innovative blockchain-based cypto collectible social App. Upon signup, users receive a Horoscope item based on the Horoscope sign of their choice. The Predict feature allows users to gather forecast on a specified date based on their horoscope sign. The Explore feature allows users to collect meteorites and gain points which can be used to purchase accessories to adorn their Collectible by changing background, etc. 

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WMO is a location-based news and entertainment App platform. The platform provides users with the latest top news in hot areas including education, agriculture, entertainment, health and charity. Users can also read about local news and enjoy local TV or radio contents based on users’ geographic location.

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WDO is a world leading digital asset bank. The hierarchical design brings more flexibility to the quantum chain blockchain. The same blockchain is compatible with multiple virtual machines and intelligent contract running environment.

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